Screenshot of the idle state, showing an abstract green bubble on a black screen.
Screenshot of the welcome state, the green orb is now pulsating and a text "Mornin' Christopher!" is displayed centered on top of it.
Screenshot of the info state, showing a selection of relevant information (like recent activity in a git repository or today's weather)
Janus recognizes and welcomes every employee of Oddity Code in Stuttgart with all the information they need for the day
Once a presence in the room is detected by the Intel RealSense depth camera, openCV takes over to recognize them. If it‘s confident enough, Node.js reads their personalized screen configuration, pulls and displays relevant info from all sources (like VVS, GitLab or the desk assignment tool) and even plays their personal entrance jingle.
As part of a larger lobby remodeling as well as corporate re-branding, this has been my student employee project over the summer of 2018. I took over low-level things like handling raw depth camera data or training the face recognition neural net, all the way to high-level work designing the „breathing“ idle screen and transitions in After Effects and CSS.

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