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Born out of conversations with local street artists, DETOUR was a mobile game that is probably easiest described as "Pokemon Go for street art". Artists could showcase their art (either by name or anonymously) and give background information on each piece. Players would get points by visiting the artworks and learning about them, and could gain extra points by completing "collections" or maintaining streaks. The best players were featured in local and global "Hall of Fames".
This is one of the many ideas that just randomly occurred to me one day. As most of these ideas, I wrote it down and kept it on the backburner for years, until I met some people from the local street art scene in Stuttgart. They were all really excited by the idea of a platform to showcase their pieces, and loved how the gamified approach could make more people aware of the street art all around them.
As most of my personal projects, DETOUR was developed all by myself in my spare time. This meant going through all the steps: Starting with long interviews and research into the street art scene (which was completely unknown to me at the time), building and validating low- and high-fidelity prototypes, building front- (Flutter) and back-end (Firebase) as well as my own little admin tool for content management. DETOUR launched on iOS and Android and was even promoted at some local universities, but maintenance was ultimately stopped a few months later in order to focus on my master's thesis.

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