Banner image: The green Lade.station logotype over a white map of Stuttgart.
Promotional image of the app taken from the Apple App Store, with screenshots and texts highlighting various features,
Full redesign and expansion of a charging station finder application for e-bikes. This included expansive usability testing, a new in-app navigation, the inclusion of bicycle service stations, a new test-ride feature, a wide range of UX improvements and turning the app from a manually curated database into a fully community-driven app.
After negative community feedback about the previous version, the introduction of the new test ride feature was used as an opportunity for a full redesign of the app. This started with in-depth user and market research, followed by an initial relaunch, the gradual introduction of new features and an ongoing iterative design process.
This project was conceived, designed and built by the mobile team of Internetstores GmbH. I have seen the project through from the first design sprint all the way to release, initially mostly helping with Flutter development and visual design, later taking over the role as product designer and UX lead.

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